BEGUM, Majima 09H2468E

BEGUM, Majima 09H2468E
That you, whilst employed as a Band 5 Staff Nurse by the North Essex Partnership Foundation Trust (“the Trust”) on Finchingfield Ward (“the Ward”) and Tillingham Day Hospital at the Linden Centre:

1. On 3 August 2010 failed to ensure that a colleague countersigned a secondary dispensing record when you secondary dispensed medication to Patient A.

2. During the course of your preceptorship period Submitted information taken from the internet and from Trust policies when asked to submit evidence of your learning outcomes;

3. Arrived late for duty on the following dates:

i. 22 September 2010;
ii. 25 September 2010;
iii. 30 September 2010.

4. Arrived late for duty on the following dates:

i. 8 December 2010;
ii. 15 December 2010;
iii. 3 January 2011.
5. Failed to resume the preceptorship period upon your return to the Ward on 6 December 2010.

6. On unknown date(s), whilst assigned to the role of standby practitioner, accessed social networking sites during working hours.

That you, whilst employed as a Band 5 Staff Nurse by the Trust and whilst undergoing periods of preceptorship, supervised practise and/or competence assessment between October 2009 and 14 January 2011, failed to demonstrate the standards of knowledge, skill and judgement required to practise as a Band 5 Staff Nurse in that you:

7. Failed to complete the Trust’s preceptorship period in that you:

a. Did not engage with the preceptorship programme;
b. Were not receptive to concerns raised by your preceptor in respect of your performance;
c. Were unable to retain information relating to the clinical skills you were required to demonstrate;
d. Did not demonstrate that you understood the effects of your actions on the safety and wellbeing of patients, and in particular you:

i. On an unknown date during a night shift, left a razor blade within reach of a patient who had attempted to self harm;
ii. Did not remove a plastic bag from a patient who had placed it over their head.
8. Whilst working on the Ward at the Linden Centre on 28 September 2010:

i. Failed to monitor the blood glucose levels of Patient B, a diabetic;
ii. Were unable to provide the result of a blood glucose test to a colleague at handover in respect of Patient B;
iii. Delayed treating Patient B for hyperglycaemia by administering Actrapid for approximately six hours.

9. Whilst working at the Tillingham Day Hospital at the Linden Centre between 29 September 2010 and 6 December 2010:

a. Were unable to participate in group therapy sessions and post group meetings;
b. Were unable to complete documentation to the required standard in that you;

i. Used poor grammar and incorrect descriptions of patients’ presentations;
ii. Did not provide evidence in support of your comments;
iii. Made unclear and inconcise entries;
iv. Did not document professional judgements;
v. Did not sign off your entries;
vi. Took a day and a quarter to draft a single care plan.

c. Did not listen to and act on advice given to you by colleagues in respect of your performance.
d. Did not successfully complete supervised medication round assessments on the Ward on the following dates:

i. 18 October 2010;
ii. 29 October 2010;
iii. 1 November 2010.

10. Whilst working on the Ward at the Linden Centre between 6 December 2010 and 14 January 2011:
a. Were unable to demonstrate that you were competent to conduct medication rounds unsupervised in that you:

i. Were not able to use the British National Formulary to accurately calculate medication dosages;
ii. Did not demonstrate that you could administer an intramuscular depot without supervision and prompting;
iii. Did not ensure that patients had taken their medication after it had been administered to them;
iv. Signed for medication that you had administered against the incorrect time.

b. Were unable to consistently and confidently identify important information relating to patients on the Ward during handovers.

c. Were unable to organise tasks such as client allocation and the observation board without prompting.

d. Were unprepared for care reviews in that you:

i. Did not gather relevant patient information beforehand;
ii. Had difficulty expressing an opinion in respect of patients’ care;
iii. Provided inaccurate information in respect of patients’ presentations.
And in light of the above, your fitness to practise is impaired in the case of charge 1 to 6 by reason of your misconduct and/or in the case of Charges 6 to 10 by reason of your lack of competence.