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Trigger warning....

These words spoken next may have well been my son's.
They will be someone else's words if we can't all push together to change mental health services.

A grieving mum x

youtu.be/UhE7_7UGdi8A spoken word piece as a response to the Channel 4 documentary "Under Lock and Key" about young people with special needs being "Locked Up"

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I’ve been invited to do a presentation on the use of restraint, seclusion, and rapid tranquillisation in mental health services
Understanding the impact for patients and families.

Well, I can only understand my experiences as a mum, who experienced these things in my son’s failed care.

I would like to have some others points of views.

Other parents, how these techniques affected your loved one? how things could have been done differently ? your thoughts.

And also from the poor patients point of view. If you’ve had this barbaric treatment afforded to you. Do you think it was founded or do you think the situation could have been treated so so differently?

Please send to me privately if you wish to remain annoymous.

Melanie X

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I have been following this case. Poor Amy totally failed.
Secret undercover reporters have been inside the Priory.
This footage will be aired after the Court case with HSE concludes.
Will keep you posted.

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Matthew, my 20-year-old son died on the Galleywood Ward at the Linden Center 15th November 2012, after staff failed to provide the care he deserved.
Matthew was found hanged in his room.
Chelmsford Coroner's Court heard how paperwork was incomplete, falsified, and a key worker was not assigned to him. ( and many more failings).
In an open narrative verdict, Coroner Caroline Beasley Murray said the health trust should now consider an inquiry.
A statement read out to the court by the lead juror said: "Matthew Leahy had been subjected to a series of multiple failings and missed opportunities over a long period of time.”

For over six years now I’ve been pushing forward to get to the truth of what really happened that day.
A whistleblower has come forward and in a few weeks I’ll be able to share the information.
For now I push for a public inquiry.
It is blatantly obvious from this new information that a number of staff have kept information hidden.
A message to those that have....if u want to come forward now, I'm not gonna bite your head off for taking so long to come forward. I need you to. But if I learn something much later down the line, that you could have come forward and told me now, well.... I'm only human x

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